Saturday, 23 June 2012

Exciting News - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

I know that I told everyone of the Facebooks that I wasn't going to post until the Musher finished another of her exciting Iditarod Tales on the Trails stories, but she bribed me with a FABULOUS Bet day in the big city... park thing, and I got to wear one of my fashionable bandanas and run on wonderful trails and have a nice lunch at the Starbucks (even though they called me a Sheltie once, I'm pretty sure that person got fired), and it was such a wonderful time and all... so I'm going to post this very exciting fantastical wonderful news....

It is now official!!!

What do you mean "what's official"?

Where have you been?

Ok, here's the scoop... the FABULOUS photographer Albert Lewis is doing a really REALLY (did I mention REALLY) cool book about the dogs of the Iditarod!  I KNOW!  It's about time.  Usually books are all about the Mushers and all the stuffs and things they do (they hold on to the sled and try not to fall off), but there hasn't been a book that highlights the real athletes of the Iditarod: the dogs... UNTIL NOW!

This picture is © Albert Lewis and if you even think of nabbing it, I'll have Cricket rip your face off
Mr. Lewis is traveling all over the place and photographing Iditarod dogs to publish in his really cool awesome book.  He takes some amazing photos of the pups, like the one above of Jodi Bailey's Loben.

When the Pretty Curly Tails heard about the book, the dog yard was all excited.  They were all bragging about how THEY were the best models for the book.  After all, the Pretty Curly Tails have been used as THE standard of sled dog stuff for years and years and years by (and this is only an example):

  • The cover of an Alaska Geographic publication about the Iditarod
  • Cover of a "Visit Alaska" tourist magazine (even though the Pretty Curly Tails live in Canada)
  • Plaques for 2006 Iditarod sponsors (one of which hangs in the lobby of the Millennium Hotel)
  • The official Exxon commemorative 2012 Iditarod posters
When people think Iditarod, they immediately think about the most prettiest Siberian Huskies in all of the land and they are THE PRETTY CURLY TAILS.

There was a collective gasp in the dog yard when we learned that Mr. Lewis couldn't afford to travel to North Wapiti to take pictures of the Pretty Curly Tails.

WHAT????  Well, we can't have that!!!!

The Musher Minions jumped on it, and begged, cajoled, pleaded and convinced Mr. Lewis that he just HAD to come and photograph the Pretty Curly Tails... and he said YES!!!

Mr. Lewis will be coming to North Wapiti on July 4th, staying in the lovely guest cabin

With his own personal body guard

Eating the Musher's FABULOUS cooking (I hope we're having pasta with shrimp), and taking photos of the Pretty Curly Tails.

This is where you all come in! 

This all takes money for Mr. Lewis on top of paying to have the book published, and although we can't guarantee that the Pretty Curly Tails will be in the book, it is still a FABULOUS book of very pretty other dogs, and you can be a part of making it all happen!  Just think, YOU can say that you helped publish this book by being a Stakeholder in its creation.  Isn't that really cool!?!?!

All you have to do is go to Mr. Lewis' kickstarter page and pledge to back his project.  This money will get him to North Wapiti and some other places, get the book published, get you some VERY nice thank you gifts, and make you a part of this historic book! 

I'm even putting a cool button at the top of the blog so you can find it easier, and you can tell others to get in on this very exciting and wonderful project!  He's halfway to the kickstarter goal of money needed, and we've told him just how wonderful all of the Pretty Curly Tail fans are, so let's see if we can't get this project done before the July 20th deadline!

Ok, get over there... what are you waiting for?

I'll be at the Border Collie Broadcasting Center (BCBC) during his visit to give you the scoops and stuffs of his visit, and you can even join his Facebooks page to get up to date scoops straight from him!  Tell him that Bet sent you and BE NICE!  We know how much you want the Pretty Curly Tails in the book, but that's totally up to Mr. Lewis... I, of course, will do everything I can when he arrives to convince him that it would the best thing for his book.

- Bet


trebla said...

Thank you for this post! I am very excited to visit you all! I can ASSURE you that some of the dogs I photograph there WILL be included in the book! Silly for me to come photograph them and not include the "prettiest" dogs around!

trebla said...

Thank you for this post! I am very excited to visit you all! I can ASSURE you that some of the dogs I photograph there WILL be included in the book! Silly for me to come photograph them and not include the "prettiest" dogs around!

djqhusky said...

I'm pre-ordering the book just to see the curly tails as models!! The photos I've seen of the other sled dogs have been fabulous!!

Huskymom said...

I ordered too! It will be so cool to see pictures of Pretty Sled Dogs as shot by a fashion photographer.

Merm said...

Bet, I'm excited that Albert Lewis was able to raise enough funds to make the trip and photograph the PCT and maybe you'll even get in a shot or two!! I will definitely donate.

Lisa Myers said...

I am just too excited aobut the book & about Albert getting to North Wapiti. I have ordered 2 of the books. I was very excited about the book & now finding out that the curly tails will be in it makes it even better. Wouldn't it be fabulous if we all got books & could talk Karen into having a book signing. She could sign the pages that her kiddies will be on! Just saying! I would make a trip to a really far away place(Not Alaska @ the moment)if that would be a possibility. Cannot wait to see the book!!! Sitka's Mom Lisa Cols. OH