Sunday, 10 June 2012

Preparing for a walk on the wild side - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I'm glad you enjoyed the Musher's pictures from the Cramplings' first walk in the woods.

I'm pretty sure it just looks like the Musher opens the Crampling pen gate and off they go, but that's not all that happens.

There's a lot of preparation time that goes into making sure they are ready for their first woodlands adventure.

Cricket has to go secure the perimeter to make sure there's nothing icky, stompy, quilly, bitey, stingy, or poke your eye outy lurking in the woods.

While she's doing that, I have to go in and give the Cramplings their safety check briefing and instruct them on the proper way to run willy nilly through the forest.  It's neither willy, nor nilly, but all a carefully orchestrated plan like those high speed jet thingies that do tricks do, but they make it look so easy.

First off, I provided the Cramplings with strict instructions that they must always stay in front of me, as I am a professional herdy type dog and it's my job to make sure they are properly herded to and from the wooded play areas.

No... Cramplings... in front of me.... you're suppose to be in front of me, always in front of me.  The only time you should be behind me is if Cricket gives out a warning of something icky and then you follow me to safety... at a high rate of speed.

No... NO... I'm not going to carry you to the woods, not, get off me, I'm not a pony!  You have to run to the woods... IN FRONT OF ME!

OHMYGAH OW, seriously?  You have an entire woods full of things and you chew on me... really?  Ok, I think we've had enough fun now... yeah, loads of fun, but we need to get back home for something... or other... no really, now let go of my lip.

Um... hello?  What part of IN FRONT OF ME... Cricket?? Why aren't you up front looking for icky things that may lurking up ahead, do I have to do EVERYTHING??

No, it's fine, no need to thank me for taking you out today, it's my job, no really, no need to show your appreciation by chewing on my head, oh geez.

FINALLY a few seconds of rest before I have to help the Musher with dinner... I hope it's pasta and shrimp again.  zzzzzzzzzzz

- Bet


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Wow, Bet, your a good Mommy/Aunt for all those little babies. Go Aunt Bet Go!
Sally Ann

Merm said...

Auntie Bet, you have a huge job to do with those pups. And, don't forget the Boo-who's are waiting and in a few weeks you'll have more puppies to take for walks. Looks like exhausting work. Hope you got your pasta dinner.

Bonnie said...

Best auntie EVER. When I lived in PA, I called those "jumpy outie thingies". Usually in front of your car. At night. With big antlers. Fabulous photos, as always!