Sunday, 17 June 2012

No Running or Rough Play Near The Pool

Yesterday I decided to give the Cramplings a pool to play in.

First task was to clean out the pool.

He's a pain.

When I tossed the pool over the fence the Cramplings were sure their world was coming to an end and hid behind Bet. I didn't tell them that Bet is a big chicken and the LAST person to hide behind in an emergency.

But as the pool began filling curiosity got the best of them.

Despite my best attempts though I could not convince them that getting INTO the pool was a good idea.

They do think it is a very tasty chew toy though....

I had a bit of success after feeding time last night when I made Bet stand in the pool (sorry, didn't have a camera with me). Ewok and Trooper eventually climbed in to say 'Hi' to her and splashed around a bit before heading out.

I hope that the pool survives till they figure out how to enjoy it as something other then a chew toy.


Faith Shen said...

Yeah I'm sure that everyone will enjoy playing and cuddling on the pool, but please don't chew it.

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Marilyn said...

God, they're adorable. My grown up husky thinks it's nice when I provide the big drinking bowl. She'll take a step into the pool if I hold the splashing hose in the middle of the pool for her to chomp the water coming out of it.

Kathryn said...

Bait sure makes himself at home ANYWHERE. He is one hilarious cat though!