Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Musher is Trying To Kill Me - Bet

She is, I swear she is... she's doing everything possible to put me in harm's way... all because I keep bugging her about blogging her Iditarod Adventures!

I KNOW!!!!! 

Seriously, she's only up to here:

The Musher at Unalakleetwhatever
This is where all of the exciting stuff happened (not that the stuff that happened this far wasn't exciting), like the whole pizza delivery thing, and then the whole lost Wayward GPS thing, and the taking really really really long to cross that ocean thing!

So, I've been nagging her to blog about all of it, but its been really nice out, and she's been visiting friends, visiting Grandmom (and not taking me), and camping out at Starbucks, and Tim Horton's, and biking, and finally she asked if I wanted to go horseback riding.

Um... really?  Um... sure!  (she never offers to take me horseback riding... ever... I was suspicious).

So, off we go.  Me in my wonderful purple ensemble, and the Musher in jeans (how boring), and off we go to ride horses... except I didn't get to ride horses.  I totally pictured myself on the back of a magnificent steed riding the trails behind the Musher.  Yeah, not so much.

So instead of riding along nice relaxing trails and stuff, we're just in this corral thing with a horse.  A big horse.  The Musher gets this view:

I get this view:

I mean SERIOUSLY!!!  Scared the living pee out of me!  The Musher apparently thought I'd be handy for maybe herding the horse around or something, who knows, but no way, no how.  She finally told me to go lay outside the corral (um, don't have to tell me twice), and then she played with the horse while I baked in the sun and got dust on my purple ensemble.

She mentioned something about Wild Boar and meeting friends.  I told her that I had to stay home and wash my purple ensemble, but she should just go ahead and go without me.  I'm pretty sure that was all code for Wild Boar Jello wrestling or something dangerous and messy.  She can't fool me!

- Bet

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Margaret Black said...

This is a very sad turn of events, BET. After all you have done for the Musher and the puppies. You even took all that "stuffs and things" issue on the chin (errp... sorry, poor choice of words).

Anyhoo, I'm thinking maybe you should trade the bright purple suit in on a camo-outfit, so the wild animals the Musher seems to have hired to "off" you can't find you as easily... Just sayin'

Margaret, in Ontario