Friday, 23 November 2012

Because You Asked - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

This isn't the biggie big announcement I teased on the Facebooks, but it's still plenty biggie big, so pay attention!

Ya know, I can't count the times we've heard "ooooh I love that photo, I wish I could have it on a card", or "ooooh, I really wish I could get a copy of that picture", or "Oooooh, you have the most beautifulest most wonderous, and smartest with the best ensembles non-roving Border Collie in the world".

I can't get enough of hearing that last one, but anyhooo, yeah we heard your pleas for copies of really cool photos that the Musher has taken.  You all did know that in her past life she was a photographer, owned her own shop and all, then threw it all away to mush the Pretty Curly Tails... right?

Well, now is your chance to get all of those really cool Musher photos for your very own on cards and stuffs and things!

You want this?

Art Prints

Well, you can get it here at Karen Ramstead's Fine Art America Store

You want pretty scenery stuffs and things like this?

Sell Art Online

Yep, you can get it here at Karen Ramstead's Fine Art America Store

What?  You want puppies?  We've got puppies, and ME!

Photography Prints

Where can you get it?  Why of course, right here at Karen Ramstead's Fine Art America Store

Don't see one you want?  E-mail the minions at Musher Minions

Let us know what you want, we'll slap it up there for you, and now you too can have Pretty Curly Tail cards and posters and pictures, and stuffs and things of your very own to hang on a wall, send to friends, or just gaze upon my beauty at your work desk!

To make it even easier to find, we even put a flashy button on the blog at the top right so you can shop whenever you want at  Karen Ramstead's Fine Art America Store

- Bet

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