Friday, 2 November 2012

Tales on the Trail 2012 - Wayward D. GPS Post 2

When we last left my horrible tale of being lost out in the middle of Norton Sound, all alone, cold, battery slowly draining the life blood from my processors, I was here

I tried to reboot a few times to purge the Macarena song from my memory core, but I think the cold affected my boot sequence and at one point I was pretty sure that I was either malfunctioning, or my circuits were being fried because all I could hear was this non-stop droning noise.  I also thought the wind had picked up quite a bit as I could feel myself being bumped and jostled all over the place.  It was so bad that I nearly threw up.

The next thing I knew, I felt nice and warm and was certain that my electronics were melting from being in the cold frozen ice.  I had no doubt that I probably got blown into a rock, my protective case breached, and ice was frying all of my circuits.


But then.... I did a diagnostic and found that I was moving!  I was moving a lot faster than the wind could blow me!  I activated my optics and looked and saw this!

Wait a minute!  That's the White Mountain air field!  That's an airplane!  I was in a truck!


Just to make sure, I double-checked my route back-up logs and sure enough!!!

YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!  I was in White Mountain!  I hoped that my Musher and team was in White Mountain too!  I was actually going to get to Nome!  All of that hard work and expert navigating weren't going to be lost at the bottom of Norton Sound!

The lovely and wonderful volunteer Janis had the honor of screwing me back on the North Wapiti sled all safe and sound.  She even double velcroed me in to make sure I stayed on!  Thank you Janis!

After all of that time out on the ice, I was STARVING and happened to find a nice bag of chocolate covered pomegranate things in the sled bag and ate them as fast as I could because we were about to take off once again on our trip to Nome. 

I made sure I had a clear route planned, gave the Musher the thumbs up... ok, I just beeped because I don't have thumbs, and the Pretty Curly Tails started pulling us closer to Nome. 

I held on really REALLY tight too.


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Marie said...

Hi Wayward! We had such a great time following your adventures last year. Hope you're along for the ride this year!