Thursday, 29 November 2012

Making Good Choices

Snap is a three year old female out of our 'Rice Krispie' litter. You may not have heard me talk about her too much, but she is really starting to worm her way into my heart.
Her personality is a lot like her Mom, Sprite. She's bossy and will not back down from a confrontation but forgives easily and quite loves attention. We were having trouble with her having words with the other girls running through her area when we turned them loose at the end of a run to run back to their houses.
In the course of working through this problem with her it got to the point that she would get stiff legged and raise her hackles at the other dog, then would look over at me. I'd tell her to "Make good choices",  she would think about it for a second then run over to me for snuggles. Love it!
"Make good choices" has become her 'behave' command now.

Snap has been in lead once or twice. Nothing big, just 'getting her feet wet'. I decided today it was time to drop her in the pool, so to speak.
And, because, why not - I put Wifi up front with her. I wanted to see if he would 'step up' with a less confident leader - but still bossy dog next to him (he did - he did GREAT!!).
Now, I'm not a total fool - in swing was Jinx - without a neckline, so she could do some steering in a pinch - and Rocket, the best 'Gee Over' dog on the planet!!!

The run was 30 miles, in a storm, mostly breaking trail, past loose dogs, cows and assorted other farm creatures.
Snap put in a really solid performance!

She tried to come back and posture with Rocket and Jinx a few times, but a quick suggestion to 'make good choices' and she was back on track. She pushed the pace, allowed Wifi to push her around corners, and even initiated a few 'Gee Overs' on her own.

"Wow - look at all those dogs behind me!!!!"
"I am making good choices!!!!"
Snap and Wifi leading the team out at a good clip!
Never fails to make me smile watching young dogs start 'get' the whole 'lead dog thing'. She's still got a long way to go, but maybe, like her Mom, she will lead me under the burled arch in Nome one day.



Shirly said...

It looks like things are doing good for you and the dogs. Wish I could see them in person, but appreciate all the pictures and tales you tell. I am glad snap is coming along and making wy Fi work better. I had a leader years ago that hated another dog in lead. He wanted to run the whole show and actually did very good in some bad storm circumstances. Good Luck Karen and the teams.

Taz said...

Beautiful Dogs!

Unknown said...

Wifi and Snap in lead. good choices...

the team is looking very good.