Friday, 16 November 2012

Nothing Up My Sleeve - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

It's your off season non-roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

Sorry for the lack of interwebs communication lately, what with the pesky new roof thing, and draaaaging Brittany Handler to the hospital to remove trees from her head stuffs and things, and more blah blah blah things.

The Facebooks were all atwitter with a video the Musher posted about Nana the world's smartest dog.

Here's the video in question.  Go ahead and watch it, I'll sit here patiently until you are done.

You back? Wasn't that amazing (yawn).

I have to paw it to Nana, she does do an amazing amount of tricks and things... and stuffs.  That whole pretend to pee on someone's leg thing... yeah, that never gets old.  But smart?

I'll tell you what is smart, and it's not doing a whole bunch of tricks when someone tells you to do them.

Here is smart.

Smart is washing out of Baa Baa Sheepie Thing Herdy School and finding a gig playing with puppies

 Smart is being able to perfect your ninja creeping skills by stalking the puppies

sneaky sneaky sneaky heeeeee

 Smart is being in charge of preparing for sled dog races by being an integral part of the packing process

Someone has to count the booties

You didn't pack the waffles, you're going to need waffles!
Smart is having a cool Musher that gives you FABULOUS ensembles

Oh yeah, you're just jealous

I like my Uggs better, but these would look good on you (details coming soon)

You can't go wrong with blue.  It matches my furs

What?  We're not going clubbing tonight?  But I just got dressed!
Smart is supervising your peoples to make sure they do a good job

Your laptop would probably work better if you didn't use it as a snow hook... just sayin

She always gets that wrong
Smart is having your very own professional crampy toes massager and toe nail painters

yeah, eat your heart out Nana

Are you sure this color goes with my ensembles?
Smart is getting to travel to exotic locations and staying in swanky hotels that deliver pizzas right to your door!
Is my peanut butter, double cheese, waffle, burger, shrimp pasta pizza here yet?
Would someone put another quarter in that "magic fingers massage" machine thing
Smart is having various and sundry places to practice your mad napping skills

Hey, turn off that light, I'm concentrating here

Are you taking a picture of my butt?

 And finally, smart is finding a home with the best Musher in the world that fixes me the bestest most tasty things to eat, and lets me sit at the table too.

I hope that's decaf.  I've been having some problems sleeping lately

 But the bestest, best smart thing is simply enjoying the day with your bestest best friend in the world

 So you just go ahead and do all of those fancy tricks Nana... I'll just keep enjoying the mundane life of a Pretty Curly Tail herder.

- Bet


Tony Torrez said...

Bet, you go girl

Tony Torrez said...

Bet, you go girl

Daviethedog said...

Ah Bet you are one awesome BC. Davie says not liking wheelie things is a good thing!

Daviethedog said...

That should read sheepie things!

The Thundering Herd said...

We think you and Nana both scored the best trick in the world - finding a human who loves you and spends lots and lots of time with you!

miann said...

Oh Bet, you are the bomb!