Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Thank You For The Tent!!!

The water line from our house to our garage is not buried deep enough so it is prone to freezing in the winter. To keep it from doing that, Mark places about 20 bales of straw over the line where it comes out of the garage. It's a cheap, easy and biodegradable solution!! The best!!!!

Yesterday we drove out to the 'booming' village of Neerlandia, AB and picked up 40 bales of wheat straw. Once home, Mark unloaded his 20 and Brittany and I put the others aside for the dogs.
Normally Mark will wrap the bales in tarps to prevent them from getting torn apart over the winter. He didn't have time to do that last night, so left that project till morning.

When Brittany and I went out to feed the main string at 7pm, Cricket had crawled on top of the pile and made herself a nest. I stuck my head in the house and suggested to Mark that he throw a tarp over the bales so she didn't make a mess of things, which he did.

This is what we found this morning...

....hmmmmmmm.....whatever could that large lump on the right side of the pile be???

"What??? I was certain you guys put it here just for me"

Like the piles of straw in her favorite sleeping spots around the yard and the COUCH - yes, that's right, she has a COUCH in the back porch - are not enough.

You can take it up with your Dad when he gets home from the dentist!!

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Shirly said...

Well Cricket looks so comfortable it is hard to say no, but she might break them up. Depends how much she wants to sleep there. Good Luck