Friday, 30 November 2012

Dear Santa Paws - Bet

Dear Santa Paws,

Howdy Ho!  I hope this letter finds you and those rainy deers happy and healthy!

I know this is your busy season, and I hope you don't mind the intrusion, but I have a bit of a problem that only you can solve!

I'm sure you already know (because you know everythings and stuffs) I have a very cushy life here at North Wapiti.  I have my very own Musher, plenty of Pretty Curly Tails to herd around, plenty of puppies to teach, a personal crampy toe massager, and a Brittany Handler, so what oh what could a non-roving Border Collie Reporter need?

Well, it is no secret that I have plenty of napping places in the house.

I have my chair

I have my couch

I have my bed

But I don't have my own cloud any more.

There's always somebody else on my cloud.


And of course, whenever there's a sick or injured Pretty Curly Tail, the cloud is the spot for recovery

This hasn't been a really hugey huge problem until recently when the need for a little privacy place of my own has become abundantly clear.

HEY!  HELLO??? I'm trying to nap here!!!!
SOMEBODIES likes to take discrete pictures of me when I'm not awake, but they wake me trying to be all stealthy.

WHA?  OMG Seriously?  I'M NAPPING!!!!

So I get all miffed and run to the cloud, which is the last bastion of safety in this house, and THIS IS WHAT I FIND!!!

Is nothing sacred?  I thought the cloud cover smelled just fine and what's a little dirt, it adds character!

So you see just how rough my life is, but you could turn it all around if you could get some of your little elf peoples to pack one of these in your sleigh for me this Christmas:

Isn't this sweet!  It's the Cabela's Semicircle Memory-Foam Dog Bed!  MEMORY FOAM!  That means it will remember me, and it will kick all of the other dogs off of it!  It would be just big enough for me and only ME, and it would be MINE!  It also says it delivers superior relief for hip and joints, and you know how broken I've been lately, so it's not like I'm asking for something frivolous, it's actually therapeutic and helpful and stuffs and things!

So, if you aren't too busy and all, I would like a large one of these, either Chocolate or Saddle color (to hide my embarrassing peanut butter stains and match the furniture).

Thanks in advance, I'll make sure that Cricket doesn't eat your tasty peanut butter cookies and milk like last year... I seriously have no idea how the crumbs got in my fur, Cricket must have eaten them over the top of me... no, seriously... would you try to stop Cricket from eating cookies?  Yeah, I didn't think so.



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Jenny Glen said...

So funny! That bed squashes down quite a bit when Cricket lays on it!