Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Clout's Moses of Velikaya


Clout's Moses of Velikaya
January 1, 2000 - April 3, 2013

Moses was a remarkable dog. A gift from one of his breeders, Bob Chlupach. And what a gift he was. 

An incredibly hard driving sled dog;  a great, although stubborn and independent minded, leader; and undoubtedly the 'coolest' dog I've ever known. 
And did I mention so very handsome???? A spectacular looking dog right up till today. 

I've spent the day today thinking about nothing but 'Moses moments' -  most of them I just need to hang onto for myself for awhile - part of my grieving process, I suppose - but one I'd like to share.

During the '06 Iditarod Moses was in lead between Safety and Nome. The trail was changed a bit from the '04 race and we turned earlier to go over towards Cape Nome. Moses remembered the previous trail and was CONVINCED I was leading the team astray. He FLATLY REFUSED to turn when I tried to 'gee' them, flashing me withering looks of disgust.  It wasn't till the fourth time I walked up and moved them over to the correct trail that he agreed to 'try it my way'. Thankfully, once he decided to concede, he conceded wholeheartedly!

Moses had his own fan club - and I know many will mourn his passing - but none as much as I. He was wildly valued, greatly respected and deeply loved. 

RIP Mossamo.


Polly said...

Our sympathy to you Karen. Godspeed Moses. We'll light a candle for our Dewsies' "flame".

SAY said...

Yes spectacular describes him well. So sorry for your loss. He had a wonderful life with you running the trails. Not too many like him.

Ricki said...


Beth said...

Hugs Karen, lots of hugs.

Anne said...

So sorry Karen. No matter how many, each one is special and leaves a hole in your heart when they go.

Summit the Super Mal said...

It's very clear he left a deep, snowy paw print on your heart. God's speed to your Moses.

granimar said...

Oh Karen, I knew the minute I saw the title of the blog. I'm so sorry, that Moses is gone, what a wonderful, gorgeous guy he was. I haven't visited NW for a while, but know what an empty space his being gone would leave.
Hugs to you, Marlene, mlg

Barbara in IN said...

Oh no, not Mo. Godspeed Moses, you look fantastic in your silver harness.

Anonymous said...

Me, too: the moment I saw the title, I thought "oh, no..." we wish they could live in health until 5 minutes before we die; but the sad truth is that we lo9ve this short-lived species...Moses was a superstar. I'm so sorry, Karen.
Blessings, Jane

The Texas Dust Musher said...

Karen, I had tears as soon as I saw the title.

I remember a video taken at the Post Office turning the team where you are calling up Mo.

Wear your silver harness with pride, Moses,as you run North of the rainbow Bridge with the rest of your North Wapiti team.

Godspeed, Moses and hugs to you and Mark.


The Texas Dust Musher said...
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Unknown said...

It was a short but wonderful journey. Many will shed tears with your passing. Until we meet again, goodbye handsome Moses. Karen, very sorry for the heartache.

Unknown said...

Such a loss.

Anonymous said...

Sad day for sure. I really liked him too.
That is the big down side of having a lot of dogs. We have a lot to love but the sad days come all too often.
Love and hugs and go out and sit with another favorite or one of his kids. It will make you smile again.
Diana miller