Sunday, 21 April 2013

Don't Give Me Away - Bet


Be super sneaky secret and don't let the Musher know where I'm at!!!!

Can you see me?

I'm getting really good at this camoflaugy stuffs and things... how about now?

Wow, I am amazing when it comes to hiding... especially when it comes to baths!  You see, it's all snowy and muddy, and icky and just plain nasty around here, and I run so fast that I kick up a lot of the mud and gunk, and well... the Musher thinks that I need a bath every time I go outside.

Oh wait, you see me!  There I am!!! Look at how well camaflaugied I am, nobody can find me at all, wooo hoooo!!!!!

Um... wait a minute... who took this picture?  wha???  OH NO, it's the MUSHER!

DRAT, I've been found, and you all know what that means...

not happy


oooh, is that apricot scrub with a hint of mint?

I'd like to get out of the tub now!

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