Friday, 12 April 2013

Sore Toes - Bet

The other day I posted on the Facebooks that I had sore toes.

Why?  Well because we're suppose to share all of our intimate secrets on the Facebooks, like for instance, Tic ate some of Cricket's poo the other day.... oh wait, you were asking why I had sore toes, not why was I posting on the Facebooks... ok, I get it...

I had sore toes because I'm always in training.  Once a Border Collie, always a Border Collie, and frankly my job is WAAAAY more difficult that the regular baa baa sheepie thing Border Collies because baa baa sheepie things don't run at a gazillion miles per hour for hours and hours and hours and... ok, you probably get the picture.  I have to run a lot and without my official crampy toe masseuse on stand-by (Musher Mark works hard, the Musher works hard, there's no gullible handlers around and a certain someone who I won't name lives IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!)... anyhoo I digress.

So, with sore toes I was on probation and to keep me occupied, the Musher put some of my delicious Eagle Pack brand kibble in my worry ball for me and locked me in the house where I couldn't go herdy herd the Pretty Curly Tails while she was gone.

Did I mention that Eagle Pack was the official dog food of myself and the Pretty Curly Tails?  Chock full of goodness!
Tasty Tasty Foods!
Anyhoo, where was I?

Oh yes, so since I was home alone, I got on the computer and posted about my sore toes on the Facebooks.

Well, little did I know that this would cause a firestorm of helpful suggestions.  Accupuncture (euw, needles, no, too much like those beady eye pokey pokey hummingbird things), massage (I wouldn't have sore toes if I had a full time crampy toe masseuse, and the Musher said "NO" she wasn't going to pay for that), waffles (I'm all for that) put my favorite food in the worry ball (two paws up on that), blah blah, other good stuffs and things...

Except I wish all of you had been a bit more specific about these treatments because when the Musher came home and read them all, the next thing you know, there's shrimp and pasta in my worry ball and my feet are wrapped in waffles...

I'm not cleaning out that worry ball, and the waffles tasted like fritos.

- Bet

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