Monday, 29 April 2013

Explain Yourselves!!!

My husband and former handlers can tell you one of my REALLY BIG pet peeves is when I put a nice meal on the table and the intended diners don't 'jump' when called. I mean, I went to the trouble of making it and putting it on the table - all I ask is that you act somewhat appreciative and come when dinner is put on the table.

So, Saturday night I provided a buffet meant for the coyotes (the 'daytime buffets' seem to mostly attended by ravens). On the menu was chilled chicken skins. Yes, previously frozen - but you are COYOTES, you can't be too picky!!!!!

Okay, so maybe you were out partying elsewhere on a Saturday night, as the skins were still there when Bet and I checked the next morning...

...but I know you knew the meal was there a 23 scant minutes later....

Did you enthusiastically dig in??? Nope - but the ravens did....

Less then an hour after they discovered my offerings their party was in full swing.

And you guys??? It was 2 1/2 hours later that you stopped by again!!!!

Hmmmm, yes - almost all the skins are gone!! You snooze, you lose!!!

Don't tell me you were scared off by the ravens 'cause I saw this... don't look too scared.

I still have another few blocks of meat to dispose of, but since you keep ignoring my 'meals' I'm done tromping out there at dusk. You guys are on your own now!!!

Good luck!!!

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Karen said...

I once heard a CBC radio interview with a biologist who studied the relationship between wolves and ravens where carrion was involved. His hypothesis is that wolves hunt and kill in packs at least in part to take turns eating while the rest of the pack fend off the ever growing number of ravens who will attend a kill. A large group of ravens will overwhelm one or two wolves and prevent them from feeding, and each raven will consume up to two pounds of the kill in a day. It was fascinating, and might explain what was going on here with the coyotes.