Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Too Good To Be True!!

Last night right before dusk I put another block of left over chicken skins in front of the game cam.
I was hoping the late hour might mean that something other then just ravens would find the 'buffet' in the woods - and indeed it did.

It took the coyotes 12 hours to find the meat and when they did they seemed quite suspicious of their windfall and circled it for quite a while before 'digging in'.

But once they decided it was 'okay' they really enjoyed themselves!!

Moments later the ravens caught wind of the party and a bit of a 'stand off' ensued.

I really like this shot with the raven and coyote both 'chattering' at each other.

Sadly at about this point the remaining snacks get dragged out of the picture - but it does appear the ravens might be winning the battle (or maybe the coyotes were full).

And then this guy showed up ....

...and it was all over but the clean up....


thecrazysheeplady said...


Allie Marie said...

Of course they were suspicious, what's a bunch of chicken skin doing out it the woods?! Do you know what kind of Eagle/Hawk that is in one of the last frames? Great action, thanx for showing us the neighborhood wildlife.

Barbara in IN said...

Is that a Golden Eagle? Gorgeous!