Monday, 1 April 2013

Rockin' to the Beat!

Things at the kennel have quickly gone from wonderful spring mushing to that awkward time when there is too much snow to train with an ATV, but not good enough snow to run a sled.

It is, however, nice enough that my iPod won't freeze if left outside, so I was able to pull out a table and move my iPod and it's speaker thingie out onto the deck. I downloaded some new tunes and puttered around in the yard this AM with music filling the woods.

Cricket, of course, quickly took charge of the 'sound system' and song selection.

Turns out, really to no one's surprise that Billie is a Pink fan!

X really likes Walk Off The Earth's new album R.E.V.O.

Wolvie being a cool and 'happening' dude is a Bruno Mars fan (he asked for a hat and I said 'no')

Trooper loved the BareNakedLadies new single Boomerang (Lisa and Andrew - think that means anything??)

Trampie crooned away to Lady A's newest song Downtown..

Mellow Wonder loved Kristina Train's Dark Black...

Crunchie likes anything by Maroon 5 (I think perhaps he gets that from me!!)

Barq complained about the noise that all the young pups today listen to....

And Turtle, well Turtle seems to march to the beat of his own drummer!

It was a good morning.....


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Hey Turtle -

Woo need to demand The Musher get some of this fur woo

Mom says it is good stuff!


Taz said...

Wolfie should get a hat