Saturday, 7 September 2013

A 'Jon Van Zyle'

Normally these kind of announcements come from Bet - but this announcement was so big, so special, so FABTABULOUS (to put it in 'Bet Speak') that I didn't want to leave it to her. 'Cause really, you all know that as cool, clever, and helpful as she is, she can be a little scatterbrained, distractable, and details are not her strong suit - so I'm taking over for this!

As many of you are aware from following Facebook and our blog, Jon and Jona Van Zyle are long time friends/supporters of the kennel. Those of you that don't know Jon Van Zyle.....well.....really if you are an Iditarod know Jon. Not only is he an Iditarod Finisher, he is the 'Official Artist of the Iditarod'. 

I was a big time fan of Jon's work long before I ran my first Iditarod - my house is decorated liberally with Van Zyle prints - and the more I have gotten to know them, the bigger and bigger fan I have become.
Jon and Jona are not only both fantastic artists, but they are truly wonderful and kind people. It was our privilege last spring to be able to place two of our NorthWapiti kids - Daddy and Sky - with them!!!

Jona, Daddy and Jon

The very busy and clever Sky.

So my special announcement is that Jon is donating a painting to the kennel as a fundraiser for this year's Iditarod - and not just any painting, but one that depicts a special memory of my time on the trail. We have been talking and collaborating over this since last March and now it is all coming together.

The other day Jon emailed me a glimpse of the work in progress and has graciously allowed me to share it with you!

Should be no shock to anyone that ravens feature prominently - as they do in MANY of my Iditarod memories!!

Over the next while I will be releasing more snapshots of the artwork in progress. I am so looking forward to watching it develop!!!

Once finished we will the announce the size, price of the prints, etc!

Remember, thanks to the graciousness of Jon and Jona, ALL the profits from the sale of these prints will go straight to us!!!

We are beyond humbled - a Jon Van Zyle print inspired by us and for us!!!

To learn more about the Van Zyles, visit  - but make sure to visit when you have some time, as their website is full of interesting and beautiful things - and be sure to check out Jona's very unique and special handicrafts! They are fantastic!

Thank you so much Van Zyles!!!


Jack & Moo said...
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Jack & Moo said...

How exciting! As an artist herself, our mom is always appreciative of beawootiful art with Siberians in it! Jon's work is stunning! We're furry excited fur woo!

~Jack & Moo