Sunday, 15 September 2013

Breaking In the Handler - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

On top of all of the other duties I perform here at North Wapiti, I am also the Handler Trainer.  This task proves to be the most difficult as peoples are harder to herd than Pretty Curly Tails.  They are even harder to herd than cats... yes. they. are.

Our new handler is the wonderful Julia!  Say hi to Julia everybodies!

Julia is really cool.  She has a nose ring.  I wonder if I would look good with a nose ring... mmmm probably not, anyhooooo.

While the Musher went off to get groceries (and probably stop at Starbucks, and probably get a tasty pastry thing without me), I had to stay home and train Julia on the art of poop dumping.  It's a glamorous life, don't hate me.

She excelled in loading the poo onto the quad trailer thingie, and I jumped on the back seat, and she seems to be a much better driver than Briffany as we didn't hit anything or turn over along the way... it's just that she couldn't find the poop dump pile.

Um... seriously?  How can you not smell that?  You know you're getting close... hard to miss that...

The biggest problem was... she never asked me.  Nope, I think she wanted to do it on her own... sigh... they all do that.  Oh no, don't ask the Border Collie for directions, just drive around.  Honestly it was a nice ride.  Cool breeze through my furs and ears flapping in the wind, so I didn't mind and patiently waited to be asked for advice. 

Nope, back to the house we went and she asked Musher Mark to show her.  Since there wasn't room on the quad for me, I simply ran ahead and pointed the way to Mount Pooapolis.

I'm pretty sure next time she'll ask me first.

Eeesh, new handlers.

- Bet

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