Monday, 16 September 2013

When It's Too Warm To Run...

The weather here remains warmer then 'normal' but still most mornings for the last week I've been able to get teams out.

The dogs are going very well. Lots of promise and enthusiasm!!!

Just no complaints to be had!!!

And our first handler of the season, Julia, arrived on Friday.

Wonderful to have help hooking up dogs and in the dog yard!!!! Julia is very nice and the dogs think she is super cool.

All is VERY good.

Unfortunately though, this morning it was too warm too run.

Some of us slept in and we had a nice, leisurely morning before heading out to catch up on some chores.
Yesterday we trimmed everyone's nails, so we decided to stay on the theme of 'grooming' today and clean up a few of the shaggier looking PCTs.

Scruffy Rocket

Julia and Rocket 'discussing' what she wants for her 'new look'.

Spiffy Rocket

Many dogs and much fur passed over the table...

....until there were no more shaggy critters......

......well except one...

Oh dear....I think I'm in hot water now!!!!!