Monday, 2 September 2013

It's September!!!!

So August turned out to be a pretty busy month around here!

First off - and most important - the dog teams started running again!!

Not quite as often as I'd like (due to weather) but still a good start!

With a bit of the 'edge' taken off them, the dogs are enjoying the warm afternoons - playing with their neighbours and napping!

We have had a few guests out to NorthWapiti. Jill, a friend from Alaska, came down with a lovely female dog for some 'dates' with Crunchie. Turns out he may be an old man, but he still has the moves and the charm!!!

"I'm just going to close my eyes for 5 minutes."
Jill making friends with Pop
 Then my friends the Buchs from BC came out for a few days. We ran dogs, feasted, played at the river, picked blueberries, did some yoga, and generally had a great time!!! They are welcome guests to the kennel anytime!

Overnight Blueberry French Toast

Packing for a afternoon at the river!

Berry picking!

Noah with his 'dream team'  of Neo and Wifi.

Cassie taking the steaks off the fire pit!

Yoga with neighbour Gabi.

I also attempted to squeeze in a lot of my 'off season' loves that will take a back seat when the temps drop enough to run dogs each day

....and brush up on some skills that can come in handy around the kennel and on the trail...

The leaves are starting to change colours...

... geese are starting to move south....critters are stocking up for winter....

Handlers are lined up for the winter and the first of them will be arriving in about 10 days!! We will introduce everyone as they arrive - and/or when they do something memorable enough to inspire the Cartoonist!

All's good .... welcome September!

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