Monday, 2 September 2013

Official Pretty Curly Tail Ensembles - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

I wanted to thank all of you who voted in the official poll to determine what the Pretty Curly Tails will be wearing to the 2014 Iditarod.  It was very exciting watching the poll numbers climbing and trying to figure out what their colors would be... ok, so it was pretty close and not so exciting, but we're happy to announce that...

are you ready....

are you sure you're ready?

Ok, fine!  Eesh, cranky much today??

Ganglines will be purple!!!  The Musher is very happy about that.  She really REALLY wanted purple ganglines, so when that won by 72% of the vote, she actually did a little happy dance.

Tug/neck lines... well, purple officially won out by 1% of the vote.  It was 68% purple, 67% red... but we can't have purple everything... that would just make it confusing on the trail when the Musher is tired, brain dead, and has to untangle the Pretty Curly Tails (yes, it happens), so we'll be going with red tug/neck lines this year.

The booty ensemble will be a fabulous neon green!  Our Donna F. Bootie Minion picked out this FABulous material for the booties

We also learned that Donna F. Bootie Minion ran a 5k race, finished, then fell down and broke things in her hand... congratulations on finishing the race... ooooh.... eeeeesh.... get well soon Donna F. Bootie Minion!!!!


In case you want to know what the final ensemble will look like, I had the Cartoonist draft an example for you (and for once she wasn't swigging Nyquil).

Of course, when I showed the Musher, she insisted that you all wouldn't get the full effect without a full team of dogs shown from the front, side, and top.  ahem... I could barely get the scatterbrained Cartoonist to draw one dog, let alone a team, and various angles... so I had a go at it.

See!  The sled will be black with red trim, the harnesses will be red, and everyone will be all color coordinated and matched and stylish!

We want to send out a hugey HUGE thank you to Alpine Outfitters for the pretty purple ganglines!!

Alpine Outfitters, official wonderful sponsor of the Pretty Sled Dogs and North Wapiti!

Go there and tell them how wonderful we think they are

Well... except for the Musher, we still have some outfit selections to go through.  Frankly I'm not real thrilled with her first example.

We have a LOT of work to do here.

- Bet

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