Thursday, 19 September 2013

Moving Day!!!

There has been an opening in Geriatric Park since Odie passed away last month. I was going to rearrange everyone a few weeks back, but then Olena came into season forcing a temporary 'restructuring' of 'G-Park' - Loki moved in with brothers Hector and Herman, while Olena took up residence with Dasher Dog.

That all went well but I wanted to fill that open spot and I felt the dynamics would work better with another shuffle.

Julia and I moved all 5 long term residents over to one side of 'The Park' while we moved out an old dog house and moved in a new one. We then resorted the dogs so Olena and her 'boys', Hector and Herman, were together while Dasher and Loki get reacquainted with each other.

12 1/2 year old Dasher

14 year old Loki

13 year old Olena

12 year old Hector

12 year old Herman

And then it was time to introduce the newest senior to G-Park.....Barq

I asked him to pose for a picture, but he informed me that it was too soon to host 'visitors' to his 'new pad'. He asked me to check back in a week or so .... and he suggested I bring a housewarming gift.


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