Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Few More Odds and Ends and Some Really Odd - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!

It's getting closer, can you feel it?????  I can, mostly because I'm busy, busy, busy packing my ensembles!

I'm a bit sad that I will have to leave my pet KD at home for this trip... sigh.  She's just too young, inexperienced, won't fit in my suitcase, and the Musher found my secret hidey hole space for her and now checks all the time.

Yep, that is THE actual sled bag!  Isn't it pretty!?  It's from the FABULOUS Dog peoples.

Dog fantabulous sponsor of the Pretty Curly Tails!

Anyhooooooo, we've created an FAQ page for peoples to review.  We'll be updating it as soon as more peoples ask us questions or we know answers about.

So far, the biggest two questions we've gotten are:

1.) When is the Open House and what can we do at the Open House... that's answered

2.) Can we handle the Pretty Curly Tails at the starts?  That's answered.

I'm proud to announce that we've added KD to the list of North Wapiti Support Crew.  You can go to the sponsor page here, or the GoFundMe page and sponsor her if you want... she's cheap.

We are very happy happy really cool happy to announce that all of the checkpoints have either been sponsored, or peoples are making up snack bags!  Thank you everybodies!!!

As far as the supplies go, we still have the following available:

50 Handwarmers
36 Juice boxes
31 Bottles of water

Go here if you want to donate to those and then the Musher will have warm hands and stay hydrated.

Time is getting short on order an exclusive Van Zyle, so get your order in jiffy quick please!!!!

Don't forget the Winter Celebration Art show thingie where you can meet both Mr. Van Zyle and the Musher and get your print if you'll be in Anchorage on January 24th.

Last but not least (and this is where the really odd thing comes in)... peoples have been asking which Minions will be there, and if a specific, annoying, Nyquil-swigging Minion will be there.

Here is the official Iditarod Minion list:

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