Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Update From Alaska - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies, it's your rather late with the deadline scoops Roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!

Whoosh, there's just so much stuffs and things going on, it's awfully hard to find the time of day or night to get things on the bloggity blog.  I'm also trying out bloggity blogging on an iPad because that's what the Musher gave me so that I can bloggity blog and Facebooks on the go... but I'm not used to this interfacey thing.

I have no idea how this bloggity blog post is going to turn out, so please bear with me while we experiment together.

I'm pretty sure that the last time we met, we were stuck with a flat tire and waiting to get a new tire.  We got a new tire, didn't have to off-load everythings and stuffs to dig out the spare, and managed to get to Willow and to North Wapiti Alaska HQ.

We unloaded the truck and got the Pretty Curly Tails all settled in:

It's a LOT warmer here in Willow, Alaska than it was in Canada.  The Cartoonist is complaining that it's colder in stupid Maryland than it is in Willow, Alaska!

On top of that, instead of snow, we're getting RAIN!!!  This will not do because rain makes my furs all floofy and unattractive.  The worst part is that I only brought cold weather ensembles and didn't pack my rain ensembles!

The Musher and Mr. Van Zyle were at the Arctic Rose Gallery on the 24th to meet and greet and sign copies of the "Race Fans" print.

I know a lot of peoples have pre-purchased the print and we assure you that they will be sent out jiffy quick to everybodies.  First the Musher had to get to Alaska, then she had to sign them all and so did Mr. Van Zyle, and now Mr. Van Zyle's printing peoples are putting them in mailing tubes or something and are mailing them out as quickly as possible, so please be patient.

The Musher also met with Mrs. Jona Van Zyle (who is also a famous artist) to unveil the really cool cachet things that will be making the trip to Nome in the Musher's sled bag.

Now, I'm not really in the whole know about cachet things (I actually thought they were little doily things filled with potpourri) but they're actually special envelopes that have stamps or something on them, and they go on special trips and that makes them really special or something.  They're really cool looking... here's a close up:

It's the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails with ravens stealing the Pretty Curly Tail booties!  

How do you get one?  We're still ironing out the details, but I'll have a scoop for you soon, so just stay calm and stay tuned!

Anyooooooooo, after making sure we all got to Alaska safe and sound, Sophia had to fly back to Australia, so she started getting used to the weather by dressing in her typical native flip flops for the ride to the airport

And then it was just us until a certain handler someone arrives around the first week of February... hehehe.

Anyhooooo, so the Musher couldn't really train the Pretty Curly Tails properly without floaties and lifering, so she had this fantabulous idea that we would go to this closed road in Denali (which I thought was in Africa, but hey, what do I know) and that was up in the mountains and probably a lot colder and there would be snow and NOBODY for miles and miles and we'd have nice relaxing training sessions up there...

Um... yeah... so... um... wow... I guess everyone had that same idea.  No matter, it was time to get the Pretty Curly Tails hooked up and out on the wide open trails.

Um... excuse us... training here.

No worries, everybodies is very nice up here and there is snow, and it is colder (but according to the Cartoonist, not as cold as Maryland... she never stops complaining).

Ok, so there's a little sloshy part, but it's better!  Really, it is better, see?

And prettier and pretty peaceful

Ok, so that's the end of my bloggity blogging using the blogger ipad interface.  I guess I'll hit that publish button thingie and see just how well this app worked... or didn't.

- Bet 


Mark from Ohio said...

Great job, Bet!
You really have your work cut out for you, what with having to report, and get the musher motivated, and checking weather, and checking on the pretty curly tails! Wow, I think the musher ought to get you a job as an Insider person! You really have the reporting thing down! Maybe you could be Bruce Lee's, or Joe Runyan's sidekick!

Keep well!

Joy said...

Thanks Bet for the great bloggity blog thingy! And the wonderful pictures! And I learned more about you and how your fur gets all floofy! Keep up the good work protecting the musher and the curly tails! hoping you get lots of good treats!
Blessings of safety and warmth!

Ricki said...

Excellent bloggity blogging! Make sure you stay dry!