Friday, 17 January 2014

On The Road Day One - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!!!

We are on the road to Alaska!!!  WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

I would have blogged earlier, but in the rush to make sure we had everything and everybodies, and then packing the truck, and convincing KD that there was tasty foods in the house so she wouldn't try to run after the truck like she did the first time we tried to leave

sniff... I already miss my little pet, but she'll be fine under the wonderful care of Bait and Tic... errrm... ummmm... sigh.


First off I must introduce the amazing Sophia Dalidakis!

You may remember Sophia from the Musher's adventures in the Land Down Under (Australia), and the great things she and the Musher (and all of the Australian peoples, well not ALL of them, but the sledding peoples) did while she was over there.

Sophia and the Musher and some stompy horses

Sophia flew alllllll the way from Australia to help the Musher drive to Alaska!  Isn't that neat!!!!!

When Sophia left Australia, it was 30º (Celsius), which equates to about 3,457º Fahrenheit here in the states.  She was a bit unprepared for that initial... temperature variation.

To get her up to speed and acclimated to the cold, the Musher threw her on a sled

And she did very well, didn't run into anything or break anything!

So then we all got busy, busy, busy packing up the truck and gathering our things and making sure we had everything and it was all just a whirlwind of events and stuffs and things.

I made sure I brought along my mobile cloud

A girl has to bring her accessories you know.  I'm a bit upset that the Musher didn't put on my traveling plaid coat or my Ugg booties, which is why I'm not looking at the camera... harumpf!

I would also like to point out that I don't have a cup holder for the many Timmy's and Starbucks stops... hello?

As usual, we stopped to let the Pretty Curly Tails out to stretch and eat.

By now I can just hear you all squee'ing and trying to guess as to who is making the trip with us, so without further ado, I present to you the "2014 Iditarod Alaska Pretty Curly Tails who went with us and may or may not be running the 2014 Iditarod because we won't know until the last minute who makes the cut or not but you'll at least know who is in Alaska with us" list.

In alphabetical order:





















blah, blah, yammer, yammer, yammer





- Bet


Polly Bray said...

YES!!! We will get to meet both of "our" boys! Momma Dewsie and the whole Bray family are so proud of Fletch and Todd!

Pat E. from MN said...

What a beautiful bunch of Pretty Curly Tails. Always nice to have a redhead in the entourage. Have a safe trip.

Joli said...

Yeah! Way to go TODD! I'll be cheering for you and the rest of the pack from Chi-town! GTG!

Bill Gaspar said...

Here in the "states" ???

Malka E said...

Yay! Trampie! someone's gotta blab about the trip! kelly's all better!!!!!and headed north! i never knew you had so many "s" named dogs scrolling, scrolling....
to see if tramp was going!
have fun gang!

Unknown said...

Awesome PCTs.

Unknown said...

Yeah! My girl Crackle is making the trip. Way to go girl.

Mark from Ohio said...

Bet, I love you latest blog! The musher should give you a raise for you hard work! I don't know if I'll get to meet you and the Curly Tails in Anchorage as I fly to Finger Lake on Friday the 28th. I will get to see the Musher at the Thursday morning musher meeting!
Keep well and safe travels!

thecrazysheeplady said...


Anonymous said...

Jake the Border Collie from Ardrossan, Alberta here: Good luck on your adventure....wish I was with you and the curly tails instead of stuck here with the poodle. My person and I will be following your trip closely and cheering your team on! If you get a chance load your Musher's I Pod with my song..."Feed Jake" by Pirates of the Mississippi for me!