Sunday, 5 January 2014

Odds and Ends and Deadlines - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

It will be your soon to be roving roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet, here!!!!

In case you missed the biggie big hugey huge announcement on my birthday blog announcement thingie, I WILL be traveling to Anchorage and staying at North Wapiti mobile HQ to help train the Pretty Curly Tails and do my Dog On the Scene bloggity blog reporting!

With that said, we are running up on some deadlines here, so I want to send reminders out to everybodies as the time for Iditarod gets closer and closer and things start happening really fast.

1.) I put up a counter on the bloggity blog (look over to the upper right hand side [you mobile bloggers won't see it, so get to a real computer]) there's a countdown clock on how many days, hours, minutes and even seconds are left until the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails go careening down main street in Anchorage for the Ceremonial Start!

2.) The Musher, Pretty Curly Tail main and second string and I will be leaving for Alaska soon, and yes, I've already picked out and packed my fashionable ensembles for the trip.  Once there I will set up the nerve center Border Collie Broadcasting Center (BCBC) where I will report all the happenings.

3.) Don't forget to order your exclusive, one of a kind, no place else to get them, signed by artist and Musher Van Zyle exclusive "Race Fans" print.  You can get them by clicking here. There's also a tab at the top of the bloggity blog.

4.) SNACK BAGS!!!!!!!!!  The deadline for sponsoring or getting your snack bag items to Kathryn Snack Bag Minion is 15 January 2014!!!!!!  The following check points don't have a sponsor or anyone making them so get it while you can:

NULATO (not to be confused by the tasty bread spread Nutello)
SHAKTOOLIK (I cut and pasted it so I would spell it right)
NOME (need 2 snack bags there, one for Musher, and one for the handler).

5.) Snack bag essentials: still have oodles of things that haven't been sponsored, including Prilosec for the Pretty Curly Tails.  Don't make me remind all of you about Snickers, and all of the good work the Iditarod vets and other organizations have done to eliminate this horrible condition all with one little pill each day...   What are you waiting for?  Hmmmm????  Click here, scroll down... even one or two items will help defray all of the expenses of running.

6.) The Monolopy Iditarod game auction ends on 1 February 2014, highest bidder is listed on the upper right hand side of the bloggity blog... just sayin.

Oh, and yes, I will have a meet and greet at the Open House (details later), but please don't surround me suddenly with your adoration... I'm actually kinda shy at first, you may scare me.

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Is the Prilosec only needed when running Iditarod and other such races, or is it an everyday item in the lives of working sled dogs?


Mark from Ohio said...

Is the meet and greet in Anchorage B 4 the Iditarod? A friend of the Musher, that will be at Finger Lake again this year, would like to meet the "brains" behind this team, and catch up with the musher!
Keep well!