Sunday, 19 January 2014

On The Road Day Two and Three or So - Bet

Yes, yes, we are on day three... or is it four... I lost count.

Finding adequate interwebs connectivity on the road is problemmatic, plus typing while the Musher drives makes me do things liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike... that... because of the bumps in the roads and stuffs and things.


The scenery is pretty spectacular and I keep forgetting to take any pictures because I'm all like "OOOOH look at that", and "OOOOOH look at that" and then "OOOOH I forgot to take a picture".  I'm a reporter, not a photographer!

So, it's been all about the driving, driving, dropping dogs for foods and stuffs and things, and driving, and stopping to pee, eating tasty things, driving, driving... and soaking in a big puddle.

Oh yeah, you didn't think that the Musher could pass up a side trip to the relaxing Liard Hot Springs.

Now, I have heard all about the Liard Hot Springs and how relaxing and soothing they were, but I didn't expect them to be all out in the open.  It's like huge pools of hot water... like a bath.  Hmm.  Oooookay.  Oddly enough, dogs weren't allowed in them.  Um... there's all manner of things flying, crawling, and stalking around these pools, what would a little dog fluff matter?  Whatever, I was totally fine with staying in the truck guarding the Pretty Curly Tails when I saw this sign:

Bears?  BEARS???  You want to soak in a hot springs with bears skulking around?  Come ON Musher, it's like you are human stew and the bears probably just wait until you are nice and tender!!!  Throw in some carrots and celery and it's like a crock pot buffet for bears!!!

I made some phone calls and found the perfect anti-bear solution in the form of a bear dog!

 Gussie came with his person Louise Cooke, but that's Sophia bravely holding him.

Gussie is a Karelian Bear Dog and he has his own Facebook page.  I wanted to hire Gussie to guard the Musher and Sophia while they soaked in the stew... I mean hot springs thing.

Apparently Gussie was a bit confused about his job

Gus, I'm not a bear, no Gus, down Gus... MUSHER HELP!
 Yeah, so that didn't work out quite like I planned, so I told Musher and Sophia to just soak a bit and be careful and if a bear approached them... try to pretend you were the bay leaves.... nobody eats the bay leaves in stew.

So they soaked.

Sophia and her best bay leaf impression
Musher bay leaf
Musher!  Stop taunting the bears with toes!  Bears can't resist toes!
It was very pretty there.

And we didn't see any bears or ... people... hmmm


After the big soaking and such, we got back on the road and trundled closer to Alaska.

We passed the famous Watson Lake sign forest

Then as we drove toward Tok... this happened

heaving sigh. of course.

Thankfully a kind passerby took a look and since it's a double wheel (there's another wheel next to it) we nursed it slowly (bonk, clunk, bonk, clunk, bonk, clunk) sloooooowly to Tok... who doesn't have a replacement.

So, here we are in glamorous and beautiful Tok trying to find a tire... anybodies near Tok have a spare tire?

The good news is, there's tasty Fast Eddy's for some foodables here in Tok.

- Bet

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Jenny Glen said...

Oh! A hot springs! So jealous! There's never any hot springs on my dog trips. Oh, WAIT! I'm going to Carbondale, CO for the herding Nationals this year and THEY HAVE A HOT SPRINGS RIGHT NEXT DOOR!
Thanks for the idea, Bet!