Friday, 3 January 2014

KD vs the Great Outdoors

So KD got to experience the Great Outdoors for a brief moment today.

Far, far away from the dog yard - and it's pretty easy to 'control' where she travels as cross country travel in not an option when the snow in the yard is over 3 feet deep!

She thought it was all VERY exciting and once she thoroughly washed all her paws to get all the 'icky', cold snow off them and warmed up she had to tell Bait ALL about her adventure.

In GREAT (and hugely exaggerated) detail....

...he was THRILLED.

"HEY! Are you listening???"

 "Yeah Kid, I'm listening"

"What???? There were wolves!! Lots of them! I swear!"

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Karen Czarnecki said...

That is just hilarious... You all crack me up and make me smile, thanks!