Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Recon Mission...

We have some trails down by the Forfar campground that we used with the team a number of years ago that I've been wanting to check out and see if we can put back into use.

Once puppies were moved and the rest of the chores done I packed up my Surly bike and headed out.
I was pleased to find the trails were actually in really good shape. 

With just a bit of work we will be able to get dog teams back on them this fall!

When I got to Forfar campground I took a few moments to enjoy it in its summer clothing!!

I kicked myself for not bringing my bathing suit!

A CONCESSION??????????? 

That is definitely NOT open in the fall/winter! Go figure!

I pedaled a few more of the roads around before impending rain and darkness sadly chased me back to the car. 

Nice day...and lots of promise for some nice fall days with the team to come!

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Pat from MN said...

"A little work"??? Those trees across the trail look like a LOT of work! Thanks for the post.