Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Moving On Up to the East Side!

While I was feeding the girls their meal this morning I ended up with an extra dog darting around my feet.
Not shockingly, it was Sneaky Pete (also known as Crazy Pete and PEEEEEEETTTTE).

Our puppy pen is 6 ft chain link fencing, but 2 feet of that height is buried in the ground to prevent tunneling out.
Some of pups are climbers from a young age, but the Clones showed no inclining so I hadn't bothered to move them to our bigger puppy pen up the hill.
That ended this morning though....

Look how pleased with himself he looks!

The big pen hasn't been used in a couple years, so I set to raking out old straw and bunches of mushroom fairy rings (harmless mushrooms - I took the time to look them up). The squirrels munched on a lot of the plastic shade strips too, so I picked up the bigger pieces they left behind.

And then led the monsters over....

Apparently it meets with approval!!!

There was a lot of 'greenery' in the pen when the pups first went in. I'm not holding out a lot of hope for it!!

So, all is apparently good!!!!

"You can all thank me later", says Pete

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