Friday, 8 August 2014

Bear Safety - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It's time for your helpfully helpful North Wapiti Kennels tip of the day:  Bear Safety!

I'm not talking about that big smooshy guard dog Bear, I'm talking about those oogie, pointy sharp clawed, teethy teeth bears that come out of nowhere and eat you.

There's been some bear things wandering around the property and the neighbors had a run-in with one (everybodies is fine), so knowing that... the Musher wanted to go blueberry picking.


Um... ok, I guess, but we needed to put on our bear protection devices.

Bear bell image courtesy of Frontiersman Website
Yes... bells.  Bear bells to be exact.  I'm not sure what crazy science went into determining the correct bell frequency that causes bears to flee in fear at the sound of a tingling little bell.  I pretty much think it goes more like this:

Anyhoooo, so we get all geared up with our scary bear bells.

The Musher puts hers on her bicycle.

I get one on my FABulous purple collar (and frankly I think the red bell would match my collar and furs better than the yellow bell, but nooooo, I get the yellow bell).

Annoying?  You betcha.  tingle tingle tingle every move I make, stupid bell.  It's very hard to be stealthy when you sound like an ice cream truck... mmmm ice cream.

So, off we go into the wilds of North Wapiti in search of the elusive blueberries.

Nope, no blueberries here.

SHHHHH, be very quiet!  I sense a herd of blueberries up ahead...

tingle tingle tingle

AAAAAH, stupid bell, the blueberries are sure to stampede and escape now!

We finally corralled a herd of wild blueberries, so the Musher plopped her bike down (there are these things called "kickstands"... just sayin) and off she went to pick the tasty nom noms.

It's my job to make sure the coast remains clear of anything that could eat us while she's busy harvesting the blueberries, so I stay very vigilant.


It's very tiring being vigilant... exhausting actually, and using a silly bell to keep the bears away is very stressful... so I made a quick call for back up.

Thanks for getting here so quickly you two, I think I heard a bear over there... no over THERE.... where are you going?

DID YOU HEAR THAT????  Guys???  um GUYS???

That's not funny!!!

Now that my back-up had arrived and posted themselves tactically around the most important member (me) I felt a bit better and could relax a bit.

Of course I couldn't help freaking out the Musher once in a while.


Heheheeee.  She mentioned something about renaming him, or something, but I thought it was funny.

It's nice having the guard dogs around during such scary adventures.

Especially when we found this!!!!

Yep, that's bear poo, not to be confused with

Bear's poo.  Because it was not Bear's poo.

Nor was it

Pooh Bear (imagine from Crafterchick site)
It was real poo from a real bear, and frankly after finding that, I was glad it was time to go home where it's safe.

Well... sorta safe.

- Bet


thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm glad you have a big Bear to protect you from the real bears, Bet!

Nannette Morgan said...

Loved the cartoon!