Monday, 4 August 2014

Scary Purple Tunnel....or NOT!

New things are great for puppies to be introduced to, so this morning I took our collapsible agility tunnel up to their pen.

At first it was greeted with some concern....

Soon they started to taste it (they taste EVERYTHING at this age) and touch it...

Patience is the best tool with puppies. I've found that letting them sort things like this out on their own is always best.

And sure enough in time Ditto went through the tunnel.

And then the true fun began!

A few 'discussions' were had regarding 'ownership' of the tunnel .....

But in the end it was just a great learning experience for them....and a WHOLE lot of fun!!!

1 comment:

Pat E. from MN said...

Does Bet ever go into the tunnel or just supervise?
Very fun looking time for the pups! And, once again, great photos. Thanks for sharing.