Saturday, 16 August 2014

My New Collar - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

Remember on the Facebooks how I asked everybodies to help me pick out my pretty new collar and stuffs and things?

For those peoples that don't have an actual Facebooks account, did you know that you can STILL see all of our adventures and cool pictures and stuffs and things without having a Facebooks account?  Well you can!  You just can't leave comments or anything, but we do post lots and lots of goodies on there, so go visit us over there and see what's going on in between bloggity blog posts... just click here.


We picked out my new fantabulous collar and the Musher ordered it for me and it arrived yesterday!!!

OH YES IT DID!  Can I say stunning?  Can I say FANTABULOUS?  Yes I can and I just did.

So... you want to see it???

Which one did I pick????

Well, first I had to take a bath... sigh.  I know.  There is a HUGEY HUGE price for beauty peoples, and that price involves water and soapy suds.  This time I sorta understand the whole bathy bath thing because I did want to be all squeaky clean to model my new collar, but it was still rather traumatic and I had to have some time to gather myself again afterwards.

Oh the Coolamity!
After I regained my composure, and certainly AFTER my furs were all dry (because I tend to get a bit poofy after a bath and I can't be seen in public all poofy), I tried on my new fantabulous collar...

the Maasai Shield
Look at how stunning it is and it perfectly compliments my furs!  Not only does it match the Pretty Curly Tails Kennel motif, but it also makes my eyes pop!

On top of the whole North Wapiti ensemble thing, I liked how the Maasai history was sorta like my own history.  According to this webby site, the Maasai peoples think that cattle are sacred (and since I'm a Pretty Curly Tail herder, that means they are my sacred moocow things.)  The Maasai are also into grass (which is medicinal when you have an upset stomach and need to urp), and figs... which... well... I can do without figs unless it's a nice figgy pudding thing and can go on crackers or something tasty, so I'm just like the Maasai peoples!  See how that works!

Ok, I sorta bored myself with all that... I got it because it's pretty, but the whole Maasai thing is cool too.

So there!

- Bet


Jack & Moo said...

Woooo, its pawfect with you furs, Bet!

~Jack & Moo

Christina Agans said...

Beautiful Bet!!

Jenny Glen said...

Great choice, Bet and such a beautiful model you are!