Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Praying Betis - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

As you probably know by now, I am NOT a fan of the beady eyed pokey pokey beaked hummingbird things.


They flutter around and flit around and threaten you with their pokey pokey beaks and threaten to poke your eyes out.


The noises they make with their fast moving wings and they dart about... euuuuuw, they just weird me out.

So while I was cruising through the interwebs, I happened upon this little tid bit of information:

Praying Mantiseseses Can Catch and EAT Hummingbirds!

No seriously!!! Here's a video of one!!!

So... that got me to thinking!  These pokey pokey hummingbirds clearly know that the praying mantis is evil bad, you can see one of them giving it the beady stink eye and close inspection.  So what if I disguise myself as a praying mantis... and then they won't flit around me...

I think this could work out very well... if only the Musher would send for the praying mantis costume, and when I asked her for some money out of my allowance, she laughed and said no.


So I went out to guard dog central and asked Bear if he would be so kind as to be my pokey pokey beaked guardian.  He had no idea what I was talking about, but he's a pretty nice guy and agreed to keep me safe on my morning walks.

Ok, keep your eyes peeled for the nasty pokey beaked birds flitting around

Um... Bear... can you not BREATHE on me, I don't know what you had for breakfast, but seriously

That's better... urp

Just keep watching, they're quick little buggers

Was that one of them???

Ok, I'm going to go lay down right there... RIGHT THERE, so keep an eye out while I relax

Ok, I'm relaxing... are you watching out for them?

Hmm, this is kinda nice, and I don't have to wear that hot costume that musses my furs

If only my guardian hadn't waded through some vile stinking thing.

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Terry and Linda said...

A good laugh...I sure didn't know that about Praying Mantis.