Friday, 1 August 2014

I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing - Bet

Urp... sigh... Howdy Ho Everybodies... burp.

The Musher asked me if I wanted a tasty appetizer, and who am I to turn down a tasty appetizer.

It's called "Jumbone"  It's a jumbo bone thing.  It's a tasty jumbo bone thing.

Ooof... I ate the whole thing.

Then I ate my dinner

I didn't read the label that said it was about 35 gazilliony percent of your weekly foodables.

That means I've eaten enough for about a year.

I'm pretty sure it's expanding inside my tummy

Always read the labels peoples!  READ THE LABELS!!!

I bet it goes straight to my butt

- Bet


Jack & Moo said...

Oh Bet, I know just how you feel!

~Jack & Moo's Mom

Louise said...

Orbit gets his Denta Stix AFTER he eats his supper. I just ask him if he's ready to brush his teeth, and he does a little tap dance all the way to the kitchen. He's about the same size as your guard dog.

Janine Farina said...

Bet, it's like the label on the small size ice cream container that states serves 4. Only serves one in my home, me! :)))