Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Homecoming

I think one of the things a responsible breeder does is to always provide a 'safe landing' place for any dog they have bred, for the lifetime of the dog.
We have over the years helped rehome a number of dogs whose living situation needed, for one reason or another, to change - and brought a number of these dogs back home to the kennel.

Late last year our friends the Carmichael's situation changed requiring them to rehome most of their dogs - a good number of them from here. I've been working with Kathy to help her find good situations for the dogs and almost all of them are now re situated. However one of them Kathy INSISTED needed to come back home, so this weekend, we welcomed Bang (NorthWapiti's Bango) back to Perryvale.

Bang seemed to remember the place and settled quite happily back into the yard. This morning we took her out for a run with the team and it seems she is going to make a seamless transition back into life here.

Seeing that she was a main leader for the Carmacks team, we have high hopes for her here too!!

BTW - Kathy still has a few dogs to place - mostly from NorthWapiti lines. A couple are working dogs and a few that would make tremendous pets. If anyone is interested, drop me a line at and I'll pass your message along to Kathy.

Welcome home Bang!!
(Pictures soon!)

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Anonymous said...

Good to here Bang is fitting in. She's a lovely girl and won me over when we went to pick Spot up from Kathy's. She would have looked great in my team.