Tuesday, 28 April 2009

School is IN

This is always a time of year when I work on developing new leaders.

One of the dogs that is showing great potential in lead is Watt. Many mushers would probably already consider him a 'leader' but I tend to expect a lot from my leaders and he is not quite 'there' yet for me.

This morning I hooked him up in lead with one of the best veteran leaders in the yard, his mother Olena. I told her this was her chance to fine tune her handsome son for me - and she seemed to take it to heart. For the next 5 miles Olena put Watt through school. He rose to the occasion, matching her performance almost stride for stride.

They even took a team with alot of youngsters on it through the river for the first time this season.

Although Toni did have to go sort out one or two small tangles.

When I called the team up for my 'go around loop', they left without a hint of hesitation. The nicest any team has done it all spring.

I think in the end 'The Evil One' was pretty proud of her kid - at least that is what the look on her face indicated!



BADASmusher said...

Love it!

husky mom said...

Cool pix of mom and son . I hope to see Watt leading with sis Tess sometime too!