Thursday, 31 December 2009

Alberta Bound

Wednesday when I climbed off the ATV in the afternoon I had logged 1764.5 miles on it around the 'neighborhood' since the end of summer.

I watched alot of sunsets and a few sunrises. We passed loose dogs, loose horses, loose cows and a fair amount of wildlife. The highlight of the wildlife was definitely the wolverine encounter a month or so back!
I watched hay fields ripen, get harvested, and baled. Watched the tamaracks go from green to golden to snow covered. Watched all the locals - from squirrels to ranchers - prepare for the hard season ahead.

Many thanks to all my neighbors that are so patient and kind around the teams. Almost all slowing down, most waving and a number stopping to chat. It never fails to make me smile when a neighbor stops (as happened on my Wednesday run) and says "You must be Karen!", tell me they follow our races, and wish us the best this winter.

Two of my bigger fans!

I am lucky in that I get to travel around Canada and the US in my 'job'. I am often in awe of the landscapes that I travel through - by vehicle and dogteam - but none move me like my home does. Yeah, there are other places I love - and could even live in - but I think in my heart I will always be an Alberta girl. It's not just the land - which is so varied and wonderful - but it's the people and the 'feel' of it all. Warm, welcoming and friendly!!

So as we point the dog truck north again, know that I am looking very forward to our winter, but from the second the wheels roll over the Alberta/BC border I am really just "Alberta Bound" again.


Rob Fradette said...

We can't wait for you to get back to Alberta. Best of luck up North. Our house wishes you, Mark and your team all the best. We'll be watching, reading and enjoying this years adventure. Hope to see you at the Iditarod starting line.

Smith, Ikkuma, Celin, Spot (She cheering for Wifi to be on the main team) Rhonda and Rob

granimar said...

Karen, I can picture in my mind the gorgeous country you are going through as you head north. I know the pullouts, the stops and highway, but I agree with you that there is no place like home. Your Alberta pictures are gorgeous. Travel safely