Sunday, 20 December 2009


Anyone that has stayed here for even a day will tell you that I am a morning person. I'm usually up hours before anyone else in the house. Most mornings I work out, watch a bit of TV (I tape the programs I like that Mark doesn't), and catch up on email before Richard arrives at the house shortly after 6 (dogs are fed between 6:30 - 7, but need to wait 2 hours after feeding before they are run). But I am not always fast about getting out the door and 'into' the day. I tend to get caught up in all sorts of stuff that requires my attention and usually we don't head out to start hooking up the team till around 10am.

This morning I wanted to hit the trail bright and early though, as I planned a big run (60 miles) and wanted to be in at or before dark so I didn't end up sharing the road with Holiday party-goers.

Now because we are right around the winter solstice daylight hours are not abundant, so that along with my long run meant that I got to see both the sunrise -

-and sunset

- from the back of an ATV.

Oh yeah - and a whole bunch of cool stuff in between!!!

And I got to share it all with a REALLY cool group of dogs -





Wolvie making faces!

Shooter and Roscoe



The whole lot of them!!

It was a GREAT run!!



husky mom said...
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Anders said...

Greetings from Norway! :-)

Love the pictures - the (little) light around this time of year can be magical...You have many beautiful dogs it seems! My wife and I have just started out with Siberians, and recently doubled the number in my small kennel 1 -> 2! Oh well - the "sickness" sets in :-) Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Best regards, Anders (

The Thundering Herd said...

And it looks like a spectacular day to me - and a perfect way to spend it.

granimar said...

You are really blessed, Karen, what a glorius part of the world you are in and to have that fantastic group of North Wapiti four paws to pull you through it. What a thrill it is to have you share it with all of us.

JHen said...

Great pictures! That one of Wolvie making faces is hilarious.

Mancelona Woodswoman said...

Ah, the sweet light. Amazing pictures Karen. I see a book in the making.