Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

First off I want to comment on the nice view I'll have in my rear view mirror for the next few weeks.

Mark had a few extra holidays that he needed to use up before the end of the year, so he is off for the next 2 weeks!

Smartie seems pretty happy about that and snuck in a kiss while Mark was busy trying to get a bootie on an uncooperative Dew.


So, I've had this missing Greyhound parcel floating around northern Alberta for the past week or so. It's been reported here and there and paperwork for it showed up in Grassland, AB last week, but no package.

Richard and I were out scouting out some new trails on Monday (Got to chat with a 'Fish Cop' who was concerned that we were doing some illegal hunting on the last day of the season out of Mark's little Ford Escort!!) and passed through Rochester - where the parcel was SUPPOSED to come to - on the way home. Richard suggested we stop in and ask about it, but I reminded him that they had assured me it wasn't there. Of course, we arrived home to find 2 messages on my answering machine telling me the parcel had now been found and was in Rochester. No one was in a hurry to drive back out to pick it up, so Mark suggested that we run to Rochester with the dog teams the next day to get it. Good thinking - that would kill two birds with one stone!!

So yesterday morning we hooked up two teams and headed out.
We took a nice meandering route-

-and arrived in Rochester after about 20 miles.

I ran into the Grocery store/post office/Greyhound depot/coffee shop - - while Mark and the teams waited patiently outside.

And this...

...was contents of this well traveled package.
These might be the most delicious meat snacks on the face of the earth!! And thanks to my Mom and a nice deal from Longview Beef Jerky, I now have a good number of them to pack along on Iditarod this year!! (This particular package didn't actually make it home - it got devoured turning the trip! The rest are safely in the freezer now!)

The dogs did a bit of smooching with some 'Rochester-iarians'...

...before hitting the trail home

Seventeen miles... pretty sunset (sorry no pics) and one beautiful moonrise later...

...we arrived back home!!

More pictures can be seen here


Rob Fradette said...

Looks like you had a great day and now I have to go to Long View for some jerky.

Karen Ramstead said...

No need to go to Longview Rob! You can order online at their website - or you can find them at Sobeys and alot of other spots around Alberta! =)

Karen Ramstead said...

...and no, they are not a sponsor, but I'm working on it, so if you order online, make sure to mention where you heard about them!

MaryUhlir said...

It looks like Mark's enjoying himself. The jerky looks great but according to their web site Longview is unable to ship outside Canada. Too bad!

Rob Fradette said...

The good thing about going to Long View is the very good chance of running into country music legend Ian Tyson (one of my fav's) and if I'm in Long View I'm close enough to visit Sue and Richard in the pass.

The jerky is always fresher at the store too.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Karen. Husky creams Greyhound yet again, tortoise & hare!
However must point out that's pepperoni in the photo, not jerky!
But you're all right, Longview Beef jerky (and pepperoni) is the BEST!
Pete Lawson

husky mom said...

The link in the blog to see more pictures is incorrect. This is the correct link: