Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Few Quick Snaps

Been pretty busy running dogs and getting Iditarod supplies orders and organized the last few days, so I have fallen behind on the blog. I'll get back to the Dog of the Day feature very soon but to tide everyone over till then, here are a few snaps from one of my recent runs!

Running past a well site.

Wolf tracks!!! There have been a number of wolves in the area this fall!!

I love this old abandon house. A curtain on one of the upstairs windows is pulled partially back, so it always looks like someone is watching the team go by.


JHen said...

Great Pictures!!! I love the wolf track :D

granimar said...

Wolf tracks !! Those can get your attention. I'm so glad that Cricket has that huge Pyrnese roar. I heard it once long ago from my big St. Bernard. It came from the bottom of his back feet and was the fiercest thing I'd ever heard. Cricket, so glad you are on guard.

Rob Fradette said...

Is that house for sale???

Karen Ramstead said...

No Rob, it is not =)

Marlene, the wolves seem to be steering clear of us. I'm certain they have checked us out, but figure that they figure there are way easier places to dine then here!!