Monday, 7 December 2009

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

We were hit with a good strong winter storm on Friday and Saturday. It snowed hard Friday and then snowed a bit more Saturday before the winds picked up and the temperatures began to drop.

Mark and I did a 27 mile run on Friday during the storm. There was alot of trail breaking, but the dogs did a great job!

We gave the dogs Saturday off while we worked on digging out.

I did take a few pictures around the yard, but most of the dogs weren't much interested in crawling out of their warm straw filled houses to smile for the camera.

"Seriously??? You want me to get up for a picture??"

"Okay did you get the shot??"


Fritter workin' it for the camera!


Cricket cleaning out her multitude of toes!

Yesterday, temps were cold but we needed to get a good run in on the main string, so we loaded down the ATVs with a meal and snacks for the dogs, snacks for us, piled on a ton of clothes and headed out the door.
It was -20 C (-8F) when we left.

Lucky thing we packed the shovel - there were some BIG drifts from the wind on Saturday!

Mark bundled up for the temperatures - which continued to drop throughout the afternoon!

These were the last images I got before the camera froze!

The run ended up being a challenging one with temperatures dropping down to the -30C (-20F) and alot of tough trail breaking, but the dogs all came through it well and all 32 hit their food dishes like starving wolves when we got back home!! Complete music to my ears to hear all that lapping!!!
Thanks to Richard, they had nice fluffy beds of fresh straw waiting in their houses for them once they finished dinner!!

This morning it is -40C (-40F). Too cold for the ATVs, but hopefully things will warm up some when the sun crawls up over the trees!



Lindsay said...

Wow, that's cold!! I love the shadow pictures of the dogs. They're just beautiful!

BADASmusher said...

Cool! And that wonderful Canadian Cold Front is making its way clear down to California!

Andi Louise said...

I am so jealous! it's been years since I have been able to see temps like that. I miss it. The shadow photos are AWESOME!!!!

Chris said...

Wow Guy's, the weather really has changed for you.
At least your not getting the freezing rains that we had last year. :-)

Again some fantastic photo's karen.
Are you sure that is Mark .:-)

husky mom said...

How much more snow do you need to break out the sleds?

johnrettig said...

A trick I learned from mountain climbing is to keep the camera inside my inner jacket.

It's usually the battery that gives out in cold temperatures, the rest of the camera can usually take it.

Great pictures while they lasted!

Karen Ramstead said...

Oh yes, I know that trick and the camera was in an inner pocket - but after 4 hours at -30, it was done. Another trick I use is to toss a heat pack in the pocket with the camera, but it was getting dark by that time anyway, so I didn't bother.

Rob Fradette said...

Whooo Has Pop ever gotten big. Turning out to be a real looker.

luvmysiberians said...

incredible shots karen.

Karen Ramstead said...

Husky Mom,

We can run sleds here, but because we are leaving in 3 weeks it doesn't make alot of sense to put in close to 100 miles of sled trails (I won't cross the highway with the sled, as I can't 'hold' the team reliably at crossing). So our long runs are still on ATVs but we can do 10 - 15 mile runs on sleds out of the yard.

granimar said...

The temps drifted to Montana in a big hurry. Nighttime we've been -24 [F] and not up to zero in the daytime----going on 5 days now, with no new snow. Not a good time to discover a break in the main power lead to your house !! The power company finally ran a temporary line from our pole to the house. It's nice to have a circulating pump for heat, but even nicer to have a water pump!
The shadow pictures are gorgeous, Karen and I can't believe how Pop has grown----q2uite a difference from the 3 day old I held in May.

ElizabethMC said...

I LOVE those shadow pics! Just soooo cool looking! Glad you all got to go out and run dogs for a bit! Sorry the camera froze tho. Hopefully it thawed quickly!