Friday, 25 December 2009

Spam Bots - Kara

Kara here again!

It should come as no surprise that the Musher's blog has become quite famous and popular (it should, what with all of the adorable, stunning and beautiful "Pretty Sled Dogs" posted on it, myself included of course). Unfortunately, with fame comes annoying spam bots.

What are spam bots? You ask yourself... well, spam bots are evil ogres that try to attack blogs and leave silly comments with links to places that sell stuff for ED (apparently some disorder where humans can't stand up straight or something) and some are even spreaders of evil viruses because they've never been taught to sneeze in the crook of their elbows or something. Spam bots look like this:

As the Blog Mistress, I've been doing nothing but deleting these annoying comments and their silly links. Some are in languages that even dogs can't understand, such squiggly lines and silliness, its like Charge pee in the snow when he's running.

In order to stop the silliness, I've passed a royal edict that word verification be implemented. Now, before all of you technically challenged humans start howling, I'm going to explain word verification and show you how to do it, because you can teach an old human (or any human) a new trick, even if the experts say its not possible.

Word verification is simply a little box of squiggly letters that come up under the comment section and you simply have to type the same letters in the box. Very simple.

Here I am using a dentastix to show you what a word verification looks like, and where you type the letters. Don't get flustered if you don't get it right, word verification will give you several tries before it blows up your computer (ok, it won't blow up your computer, just kidding) but the spam bots never went to school and can't type the letters, so it'll stop the silliness and only allow my most coveted fans... I mean the musher's fans, to leave us comments.

Now, if you have any problems with the new word verification thingie, you can e-mail that annoying cartoonist person, I think her name is Lenny or something at and complain to her. Don't bother me, I'll be napping on the cloud... if Bet hasn't hogged it again... pfft.


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Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Furry merry khristmas to my role model!

A Fan in Pawsylvania which is khwite khlose to Merryland where that khrazy khlawed khartoonist khamps out!