Sunday, 10 April 2011


While we were at the Tyrell Museum  earlier in the week we learned some fascinating things about dinosaurs - like this is the classic 'death pose' which many remains are found in.

The Death Pose

When found, many dinosaur fossils display a strange pose: their necks are bent dramatically backward. Seeing this position, early dinosaur experts concluded that the animals could hold their necks this way in life. But it seems more likely that the pose reflects something that happened after the animal died.
Shrinking ligaments have led to some mistaken fossil reconstructions. The sauropod Diplodocus, for example, has often been shown with its head held high, like a giraffe. Scientists now know this was the death pose, not a life pose.

Obviously, these experts have never met Bet. This is a 'top view' of her sleeping in her favorite chair.

Very much alive.

"Hey - Don't knock it till you try it"


Anonymous said...

Whatever floats your boat, Bet. As long as you get your beauty rest.

Pat in MN said...

Another great post - educational and fun all at once! Thanks.

Katerina said...

Hehehe! Great post, thanks for the laugh! Hope you have a great day.