Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Naming The Tramplings

The Tramplings need names. Calling them 'The Boy', 'The Black Girl", "Baby Tramp" and 'Icecube' (she caught us by surprise, was born outside and took a bit of warming up once we got her in!!!) isn't cutting it anymore.

I've been through a number of themes including witches (people keep telling me they will grow into those names and I'll regret it), Dawson City characters (girl names are too 'plain') and Robert Service characters (better for a boy heavy litter) - right now we are leaning towards 'Brand names of footwear' (I'm saving 'types of footwear' for another litter).

Leading the pack right now is NEO for the boy and Skechers for one of the girls, with Puma, Reebok, Nike and Croc being considered for the other girls.

Any suggestions??

"Please help us get our own names!!"


Anonymous said...

How about Keen?

sparkeespud said...

Madden (for Steve Madden or Madden Girl)
Merrell (best outdoor hiking and running shoes I've ever purchased)

Tammy said...

Red Wing

kyrie said...

Miki - Meanings - little
Qannik - Meanings - snowflake
Siku - Meanings - ice
Suka - Meanings - fast
Nanuq - Meanings - polar bear
Qummiq - Meanings - dog Ataneq - Meanings - king
Cikuq - Meanings - ice
Pukulria - Meanings - bone chewer
Qumugta - Meanings - dog
Tungulria - Meanings - black one
Yuralria - Meanings - dancing one
Desna - Meanings - boss
Genen - Meanings - shaman
Hey - Meanings - winter
Sesi - Meanings - snow
Shesh - Meanings - brown bear
Yakone - Meanings - red aurora

The Husky Brigade said...


Anonymous said...

How about since they are the TRAMPLINGS....
Bouncey, Flipper, Tumbles, Jumper, Rollie and Pollie!! LOL...
Beautiful Puppies Karen! Congratulations! :)

R.A. (Becky) said...

North Star
Converse (Cons)
Mary Jane
Buster Brown

Anonymous said...

How about:
Jim Dear or Jock
(Aunt) Sarah

Moose-Tipping said...

Incredibly surprised that nobody has mentioned something that is so quintessentially northern...


dessie said...


Polly said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen:

I have one of Wolvie/Jive pups...Kicker! I like the name Patton (for black patton shoes) or sneeker! There's also Pump, Airwalk and Slingback!

Susan from Nova Scotia

Annika said...


and I second Ecco.

and Crocs

Annika said...

PS. Ugg!

Rob Fradette said...


babs said...

Sorel- the boots that took me to see my first Iditarod ;)

Heather said...

IMHO, the "Icecube" name is too cute to give up.

How about other "forms" of water for the rest ...

Tsunami (sad, but timely)

BTW, they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Lots of really great shoe brands mentioned. Many of them would make good names. I haven't see Saucony, Diadora or Asics mentioned yet.
All great athletic wear shoes.
Sitka's mom

Susan said...

I say go with the water theme.

Anonymous said...

Who missed Prada????

Anonymous said...

Baby Phat
Easy Sprit
"Liz" Claibourne
I wear UGGS - but what a sad name for such superstar pups!

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing "Racihle" boots right now. Another name I see missing is "Danner" of which I have another pair of boots. And some "Addidas" tennis shoes I will change in to. I like Danner - could be Danny for the male or Dannie for a female. Addidas (Addy) might be a nice call name.
Thanks for sharing the Tramplings.
Mary in Oregon

Marlyn said...

Addidas (love the Addy nickname)
Crocs (how could we do without them?
Ariat, the toughest and most comfortable boots around.

Optimistic Cynic said...

PLEASE...anything BUT Skecher! My little one was named Skecher by the nice folks at Adopt a Husky, and we REALLY had to change it. He never answered to it, he likes his new name MUCH better. Kodi just suits him better. Madden, Addidas, Ecco,Timberland....all sound pretty good, though Icecube is pretty cute still. :o)

Wild Dingo said...

i love the names! great choices.

Anonymous said...

Here are my suggestions for the puppies!

Jimmy Choo

Anonymous said...

What about paying tribute to Iditarod volunteers that have particular significance for you or have done exemplary work over the years that you thing deserve recognition like Norma & Joe Delia of Skwentna or Deborah Menendes that runs the Nome HQ. I'm sure you know stax of men and women. These pups can be known as the Iditarod Volunteer Pups

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, we had a top show bitch here in Oz called Nike. Loved her name!! Here it is pronounced 'Ni Kee'..
Like Uggs too..what a neat name for a tough little pup!!
Sue in Oz..

Beardies_NB said...

Birk or Birks

The Joyners said...

Hi Karen & gang! Have you thought about the obvious since the Tramplings were born close to St. Patricks Day?

Makes me want to come up for a visit and have some good puppy lovin'!

CJ says go for a football theme!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I personally love "Ryka" - great shoe brand for women.

Brandi said...

If you go with the shoe theme I really like Keen and Teva!

But I'm a fan of the water theme because, like Heather said it's too cute to give up!

Mary said...

I vote to keep "Icecube" and the water theme. Some more name ideas.. Snowflake, Sleet, Drizzle (my top pick), Hail.

For a shoe theme I saw Steger on a post and they call their boots "Mukluks".

Williesmom said...

I like Asolo and Merrell for my favorite hiking boots.

Louise said...

I'm with Kyrie on this one. They need good Inuit names.

Karen Ramstead said...

Siberians aren't an Inuit breed - no Inuit names here!

Anniegirl said...

I like the football idea - go CFL, Western Teams - Lion, Stamp, Eskie, Rider, Bomber

Shoes - Rockport

Bark_Sweetly said...

This little sweetie looks like a "Sly" to me. The kind of puppy that would say let's see what we can get into next.

Jane Eagle said...

I also like Icecube...and if you don't want to use witch names, how about Camelot names? Arthur; Guenevere (Gwennie), Morgan,
Iseult (Izzy),

Kira said...

Hi Karen,
LOBBENS MO (... you know what ist MO... ;-)))

:), Kira

Corgi-Mom said...

I agree with sparkeespud...my Merrel hiking shoes were some of the best I've ever owned...very sturdy and dependable, just like a good sled dog!!

Janene said...

Zack, Sadie and Bandit think you should name these guys and gals after them! They are sponsors!

Annalisa Hamilton said...

how about Thor?

Tony Torrez said...

I've seen a lot of good choices for puppy names so I'd only be echoing some of the other posters.

But I found one post that made my day - it was a combination of the poster's name and what she suggested.

Annika suggested Prada. Why did that stand out? Well, I had a Siberian who past away a year ago last August. But she is survived by 3 litters. Her name? Annika! And one of her daughters from her 2nd litter? You got it - Prada!

Thanks Annika for posting that! You made my day!

Anonymous said...

Considering who their mother is, how is that no thought of Hush Puppy?

Anonymous said...


swordwhale said...

There's the upcoming Hobbit film: you've got 13 Dwarves to choose from : Fili, Kil, Ori, Dori, Nori, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Oin, Gloin, Balin, Dwalin, and Thorin Oakenshield...

then there's a bunch of swell names in the Hunger Games, though that's a bit more dystopian... personally I'd rather run around in Middle Earth...