Friday, 8 April 2011

A New Quiz For Bet

Richard heads back home next week and we are taking some time to see and do some things that he would like to see and do before he heads back.

Yesterday we headed down to southern Alberta and snapped a few new critters for Bet to identify.

This first one should be easy - just the 'common name' that folks in southern Alberta call them will work.

This one might be harder - but as a bonified Albertan (even if you were born in TEXAS) I expect you should know the answer.

Any guesses Bet-Bet???


Pat in MN said...

I want to know if Richard EVER got to have Crunchie on his team during the entire season??!!
We will all miss you and your photos and videos. Keep in touch from across the pond.

granimar said...

Richard, So enjoyed following you and Karen and the North Wapiti teams. Know you and Karen got to see new country. Are you taking any 4 paws home in your luggage?
I know that North Wapiti will miss you.

Susan said...

I remember when Albertasaurus was a big deal...My 2nd graders were absolutely in awe of it.

Katerina said...


Nannette Morgan said...

Answers: Photo number one looks like a Pika. #2 a tyrannasaurus Rex? But the Albertan version. Looks like the ones I saw at dinosaur museum at the World Heritage Museum in So. Alberta. Is that where you went?

Huskymom said...

The Royal Canadian Mint issued special, holographic coins featuring this creature, among others. Pretty cool!

Huskymom said...

The furry critter: I'll 'go fer' "marmot"??