Friday, 29 April 2011

The Job of A Curly Tail Herder - Bet

Howdy Ho, its your resident Curly Tail Herder and part time Roving Reporter, Bet here!

Some of you may be wondering what its like during the "off season" here at North Wapiti.  Since there are no races to be helping at or reporting on, and no real training going on, you must think that I spend all of my time lounging on my chair, or my couch, or my cloud, or my bed, or my porch.

Nope, my work here is never done, especially when there's puppies involved.  My other hat is trainer and herder.  Puppies need to be trained to learn that everything is mine, and they need to listen to me, and that involves a LOT of herding to keep them from getting into trouble.

Take for instance this installment of "The Musher wants a group photo of the Tramplings before they move outside".  I, for one, was very happy when the Tramplings were of the age to move outside, and I wanted the group photo to be as quick as possible so we could get some peace and quiet inside my house again.

Ok Tramplings, listen up... um... where's Ryka?

Neo, where's Ryka?  You were suppose to be watching her today.

You guys, you need to get on the big cloud, not this cloud, the photo op is on the big cloud

OH MY GAH!  Now where's Skecher?

Guys... GUYS!  Leave the sheep thing along and get Ryka!

There you are... you're late... no I don't know why books have a spine, just get on the cloud.

Yes, you've fallen and can't get up... I've seen the commercial, ha ha, now get on the cloud

Neo!  Skecher!  Stop it, get off your brother!

Stop chewing on your sister!  I can't have a picture with her covered in drool!

Ok Musher... seriously... just take the picture!

- Bet


Polly Bray said...

OMG! The "you've fallen and can't get up, I've seen the commercial" just made me loose it. You are hilarious Bet! Great job with the Tramplings.


Anonymous said...

Penny, er Bet, you did a wonderful job with comments matching the photo's - just perfect and just hysterical.
Mary in Oregon

Ingrid Bower said...

My Border Collie takes his husky control postion very seriously as well. The Siberians laugh in his face, of course.


Susan said...

This blog entry just made my day and it is only 10:30! Bet is such an actress herself, so this montage is just priceless. (Penny, what an interesting person you must be to come up with this whole scenerio!)

granimar said...

Another priceless piece of matching humor with the photos. P/B the combination is fantanstic. Somehow, sometime, these all need to be gathered up and published. What a real treasure that would be to have.