Saturday, 6 August 2011

Breaking News! - Bet

Ladies and Gentlemen and all the ships at sea, this is a Breaking News scoop from the Border Collie Broadcasting Center (BCBC) at North Wapiti. We now bring you our lead reporter, Bet!

Howdy ho everyone! I have some incredibly exciting news for you today, a real scoop in the news world, something you will only find right here at the BCBC!

We have it on good authority, and from sources who refuse to be named, that the Musher has sent in her registration for the 2012 Iditarod this year, and her name actually now appears in the listing of mushers!

Isn't that great?! And you heard it from me first, because as a crack Border Collie reporter, I herd out the news and bring it to you in a neat little group so you heard it from me first!

WHAT????? The Musher already announced this?

TWO DAYS AGO???? Seriously?

Man! She told me she was going to let me tell everyone! Snort! But... but she told me that... I mean, my unnamed resource said that the news wouldn't be leaked until after I got out the scoop. There goes my Pulitzer Prize.

FINE! Then I'm going to beat her to the punch when I announce that we are now opening up the rest of the sponsorship categories!

This is your chance to sponsor one of the Pretty Curly Tails who are training to run in the 2012 Iditarod, or sponsor one of the puppy Pretty Curly Tails who may be future Iditarod runners, or even to sponsor and honor one of the veterans of past Iditarods who are relaxing on a well deserved retirement.

This year the sponsor pages will be appearing on this blog shortly after my posting, and the links on the right hand side will be activated. If you are using Paypal to pay for sponsorship and want something specific to appear in your sponsor message, please fill out the form, otherwise it will be a simple "Name of dog is sponsored by name of person". There are instructions on the pages for peoples who are paying by other means.

I'll get the sponsor pages up in a bit... but right now I'm going to go sulk, and stare at the Musher with my laser eyes.

- Bet

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