Friday, 5 August 2011


Everyone keeps telling me how sweet the Tramplings are but I know better!!!! They have now hatched the most diabolical plot for murder ever.

See this has been a bad year for mosquitoes - BAD. The little blood sucking monsters are everywhere and THICK!!!! Bug spray is a necessity right now. When we can find it - as many of the stores in town are sold out - I buy in bulk quantities and before we head outside a thick layer is applied to every exposed piece of skin and even clothing, as the hungry creatures will just bite through most clothing right now.

Now what the Tramplings are doing to kill me is SO CLEVER. They pretend to adore me and want to shower me in kisses every time I walk into their pen - but what they are really doing is licking off the bug spray to expose me to biting insects, blood loss, and eventual death.

I headed into their pen last night armed with a camera to gather some evidence (please excuse the fuzzy images - I was focused on evidence gathering, not photography)

Here they are looking all sweet and loving..."Mom we are soooo happy you came to visit!!!"

...but in no time their plan is put into action...

DIABOLICAL!!!!! They just laugh when I suggest they stop!!!

EVIL....pure EVIL.....

BET!!! NO - say it is not TRUE - you are not in on this too - are you???????

If I going missing - please point the Police in the direction of the Tramplings....but tell them to come armed...


Julz C said...

This is a great example of what can happen when pups can't hold their licker!! That Bet is surely contributing to the delinquency of those minors !!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Can't stop laughing!!
Sitka's Mom Lisa