Saturday, 20 August 2011

North Wapiti Week in Review (12-20 August 2011)

Wow, have we been boring on the blog this week!  We're sorry about that, been busy, busy, busy!

To make up for it, here is the week in review from all social media, and we promise to spice things up a bit next week!

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Karen has been prepping for her trip and race marshaling assignment in New Zealand!

The Cartoonist pointed out that New Zealand has had a major snow storm, and wondered about the Musher's trip.

The team had a good run on Tuesday, and Karen captured this shot with Bang and Wonder in the lead.

On Friday, Karen captured this picture of Smartie... trying to figure out the whole harness thing

In case you ever wondered what Tic and Bait do while the dogs are running...

Karen reported that: "It was the coldest morning so far this season this morning (1C).  Had a great run.  At one spot on the trail, all 16 dog's noses shot straight up into the air and they all started sniffing.  They didn't react like they normally do for deer, moose, or coyote - I'm thinking bear.  There are lots of bear signs in the woods lately!!!

This afternoon, Karen reported that: "Okey, I've squished and stuffed, but Bet just isn't going to fit in my suitcase for my trip to New Zealand.  She just threw herself on The Cloud muttering about too many sheep in the country anyway!!! Sorry Bet!!!!

Bet is convinced that the Musher just doesn't know how to pack properly
Karen is currently at the Edmonton International Airport, waiting for her flight.

God Speed, safe trip, and have fun!

- The Cartoonist


bakavi said...

lots of really nice dogs down ther. I am sure you will be checking them all out. Such interestin old line pedigrees.
have fun.

bakavi said...

Sorry that i made so many spelling errors. duh.
Have fun . check out the dogs.